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The Civil Society Budget Advocacy Group (CSBAG) is a coalition formed in 2004 to bring together CSOs at national and district levels to influence Government decisions on resource mobilization and utilization for equitable and sustainable development. CSBAG was created out of a desire to collectively influence government and effectively participate in setting national budget priorities.

In 2017 it had around 100 civil society organisations as members. CSBAG is an advocacy and mobilising organisation with a small board that governs the work of a secretariat that includes around 30 staff. It is a non-partisan organisation.
CSBAG is a national organisation but it does much of its advocacy work in the city of Kampala. It has chosen to focus nationally because the greatest need for its work was in the rural areas where there was not a lot of awareness regarding their development issues, and the coalition works to provide the support those needs. Also because much of the political decision making in Uganda is concentrated at the national level, it has made strategic sense to focus the work of the coalition at the national scale.

That said, there is an interest in doing more work on the urban and CSBAG is interested in learning from other urban networks to understand how to do this work better.

Kampala is the capital of Uganda, and its largest city with a population of 1.557 million (as of 2016, Uganda has a population of 35 million).
CSBAG was founded in 2004 born out of another organisation called ‘Forum for Women in Democracy.’ There was a realisation that there was greater need for building and enforcing standards in state budgeting, so they set up a unit to do this work. CSBAG was formed out of that unit. A key player in the formation of the network was Julus Mukunda, the current executive director and former head of that unit. CSBAG is very active having run around 15 issue campaigns in 2017. One of the biggest areas of focus is on excessive government expenditure on politician meals and recreation rather than on community needs like agriculture or for the fair remuneration of civil servants like teachers, doctors and the judiciary.

CSBAG also responds to the annual budget produced by the government, they put out an alternative citizens budget (while also producing an explainer document so everyday people can understand what is going on).
CSBAG is a national organisation but if often undertakes its national advocacy in Kampala. Its advocacy is centralised, but it also does significant work in the regions of Uganda.

Its pattern of work is to advocate new issues to politicians. If this doesn’t work a campaign might be run with press releases, press conferences, flyers, sometimes a march through the city centre involving members from the coalition. It actively seeks to mobilise members of the coalition in support of issues where necessary, in a non-partisan way.


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