Who are we?

The Organising Cities project is conducted out of the University of Sydney School of Geoscience.

The Chief Investigator is Associate Professor Kurt Iveson, kurt.iveson@sydney.edu.au.

The post-doctoral fellow is Dr Amanda Tattersall, amanda.tattersall@sydney.edu.au.

The project has a team of associate investigators, including:

Professor John Keane, Sydney Democracy Network, University of Sydney

Professor Romand Coles, Institute for Social Justice, Australian Catholic University

Associate Professor Madeline Pill, University of Sydney

Dr Adrienne Keane – Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning.

University of Sydney

Professor Helga Leitner – Department of Geography, University of California Los Angeles

Associate Professor Mark Davidson – Graduate School of Geography, Clark University

Professor Jane Wills – School of Geography, Queen Mary University of London

Professor Leo Penta РGerman Institute for Community Organizing, Catholic University of Applied Sciences Berlin